TNN: Relocating to Mexico — Why & How To Make the Move

Yinka Yinkzz Odofin on a boat trip with travelers in Mexico

Have you ever wanted to move overseas?

How about to Mexico?

Was moving to Mexico on your radar at all?

Perhaps, it was — if you’ve been on Instagram during the last year! It seems like so many travelers, digital nomads, content creators, friends were visiting, staying for months, and permanently moving to Mexico recently.


Mexico has always been known for it’s amazing food, rich culture, great weather, cheap prices, and lively festivals.

While many people have visited before, this past year Mexico has emerged as a desirable place to relocate for a while. However, moving abroad is a big task and there are lots of unknowns.

In this session, you’ll hear from Yinka Odofin who is a Black digital nomad who moved to Tijuana, Mexico over two years ago in January 2019. After making the move, Yinka realized there were a lot of things he wished he had known before relocating.

Join Yinka as he shares what you’ll need to know if you’re considering relocating to MX, including:

  • Why living in Mexico is an attractive choice
  • Things to consider before making the move
  • Basics about visas
  • How to find housing
  • WiFi & phone services
  • How to prepare mentally for the move
  • Awesome places to visit
  • As well as, what it’s like to live in Mexico as a Black man

If moving overseas is something that you’ve considered, it might be time to add Mexico to your list! After listening to Yinka, we hope you feel confident about taking that leap and to moving to Mexico!


YiNkZZ is a Travel & Tourism Advocate helping men of color explore the world. He shares his authentic travel experiences in hopes that it will inspire other men of color to follow in his footsteps. His YouTube channel, YiNkZZ, was set up in hopes of getting people out of their comfort zone and exploring the world in a safe, budget-friendly, fun way! Feel free to watch Yinka’s videos as he joyfully makes his way through country after country, befriending locals and travelers as he goes.

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