My 8 Favorite Hostels in San José, Costa Rica

The Costa Rican flag waving in front of the historic theaer in San José, Costa Rica
Posted: 7/27/20 | July 27th, 2020

Costa Rica was the very first place I ever visited, kick-staring a journey that would eventually take me around the world and launch my career as a travel writer. Since that first trip, I’ve returned a few times, lured in by the friendly people, cloud forests, wildlife, and excellent beaches.

San José is the starting point for most visitors in the country, owing to the fact that it’s the nation’s capital and a major international hub. Chances are you’ll be here for a few days as you get situated before heading off to hike, lounge on the beach, and enjoy the lush and scenic landscapes.

I’ve been staying in hostels for over a decade during my several return visits to Costa Rica. There are a lot of things to consider when selecting a hostel in San José. The top four are:

  1. Location – San José is huge, and it can take some time to get around. Pick a place that is central to the sites and nightlife you want to see. All the hostels listed here are in good locations.
  2. Price – In San José, you really get what you pay for, so if you go with a really cheap one, you’re probably going to get a hostel that is small and cramped and doesn’t offer great service.
  3. Amenities – Every hostel in the city offers free Wi-Fi, and most have a free breakfast, but if you want more than that, be sure to do your research to find the hostel that best meets your needs!
  4. Staff – All the hostels listed here have amazing staff! They are super friendly and knowledgeable. Even if you don’t stay at one of the places listed below, be sure to look up reviews to ensure you end up somewhere where the staff is helpful and friendly. They can make or break a hostel!

Here is my list of the hostels in San José that I like the most. If you don’t want to read the longer list below, the following hostels are the best in each category:

Best Hostel for Budget Travelers: Costa Rica Backpackers
Best Hostel for Families: In the Wind Hostel
Best Hostel for Solo Female Travelers: Stray Cat Hostel
Best Hostel for Digital Nomads: Capital Hostel de Ciudad
Best Hostel for Partying: Hostel Pangea or Costa Rica Backpackers
Best Overall Hostel: Capital Hostel de Ciudad

Want the specifics of each hostel? Here’s my comprehensive list of the best hostels in San José:

Price Legend (per night)

  • $ = Under $10 USD
  • $$ = $10-20 USD
  • $$$ = Over $20 USD


1. Capital Hostel de Ciudad

The cozy bunk beds of the Capital Hostel in San José, Costa Rica
This is a chill hostel with cozy beds and lots of common space. It has a co-living space as well, making it a good choice for anyone working remotely. There’s a patio for BBQs and yoga, a game room with a pool table and projector for watching movies, and a fully equipped kitchen (breakfast is included). The mattresses are pretty thick and the beds have privacy curtains. Overall, it offers a nice balance of being a relaxed but social hostel.

Capital Hostel de Ciudad at a glance:

  • $$
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Game room & coworking space
  • Outdoor patio for hanging out

Beds from $15 USD a night, rooms from $42 USD.

—> Book your stay at Capital Hostel de Ciudad!

2. Stray Cat Hostel

The colorful interior of the Stray Cat hostel in San José, Costa Rica
This colorful backpacker hostel is covered in art and murals. It has a cozy, homey vibe while still being well maintained and clean. The mattresses are a little thin (and the bunks don’t have curtains), but the hostel is quiet and laid back, so it’s easy to get a decent night’s sleep. There are female-only dorms too. It’s close to the bus station as well, making it a convenient location if you’re just passing through or heading to/from the airport. And, if you’re an artist, you can trade your skills for free accommodation.

Stray Cat Hostel at a glance:

  • $$
  • Female-only dorms available
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • Free breakfast

Beds from $12 USD a night, rooms from $40 USD.

—> Book your stay at Stray Cat Hostel!

3. Costa Rica Backpackers

The fun pool area at Costa Rica Backpackers hostel in San José, Costa Rica
This is a lively, social hostel popular with the younger backpacker/party crowd. It has a pool and bar on-site, and there are organized tours and activities. Breakfast isn’t included, but there is free coffee all day. The beds aren’t the best (the mattresses are thin and the bunks squeak) and the bathrooms are small and could use an update, but it’s the cheapest hostel in the city. If you’re on a tight budget and want to party, it’s the place to be!

Costa Rica Backpackers at a glance:

  • $
  • Pool and bar
  • Easy to meet other travelers
  • Fun and social atmosphere

Beds from $7 USD a night, rooms from $25 USD.

—> Book your stay at Costa Rica Backpackers!

4. Fauna Luxury Hostel

The cozy pod beds at Launa Luxury Hostel in San José, Costa Rica
Fauna is a boutique hostel with really cool and cozy pod beds, tons of outdoor common space to lounge, a pool, and lots of really neat artwork in the rooms. The beds have thick mattresses and curtains (two things I really appreciate), breakfast is included, and there is air conditioning (a big plus in Costa Rica!). There are balconies you chill out on that overlook the pool, and the private rooms are super spacious and similar to hotel rooms. They also arrange cheap airport shuttles too. For $8 USD per night, you really get a lot of value here!

Fauna Luxury Hostel at a glance:

  • $
  • Great beds
  • Free breakfast
  • Laid-back, relaxed vibe

Beds from $8 USD a night, rooms from $39 USD.

—> Book your stay at Fauna Luxury Hostel!

5. Hostel del Paseo

Games in the common area of Hostel Del Paseo in San José, Costa Rica
This hostel doesn’t have a great social vibe, but the dorms are quiet and clean. There is a huge common area with lots of games and movies, and there’s a bus station nearby. The staff are super helpful, the free breakfast is pretty good, and the dorms are capped at eight beds, so you’re never crammed in with lots of other people. The beds don’t have curtains, but the mattresses are thick and comfy, so you’ll get a decent night’s sleep.

Hostel del Paseo at a glance:

  • $$
  • Quiet dorms make sleeping easy
  • Lots of common rooms & games
  • Free breakfast

Beds from $12 USD a night, rooms from $44 USD.

—> Book your stay at Hostel del Paseo!

6. TripOn Open House

The relaxing patio with hammocks at TripOn Hostel in San José, Costa Rica
This funky, social hostel is located near supermarkets and tons of restaurants. It has an awesome free breakfast every morning and organizes cheap shuttles to the airport too (which is just 30 minutes away). The beds are comfy and have curtains for privacy and there are lots of common areas for hanging out and socializing. It’s a really fun hostel, with lots of things to do. There are also hammocks outside for relaxing, video games, and a fully-equipped kitchen if you feel like cooking your own food.

TripOn Open House at a glance:

  • $$
  • Social atmosphere makes it easy to meet people
  • Great free breakfast
  • Good location

Beds from $10 USD a night, rooms from $43 USD.

—> Book your stay at TripOn Open House!

7. In the Wind Hostel & Guesthouse

The chill common room with colorful couches at In the Wind Hostel in San José, Costa Rica
Another laid-back hostel, In the Wind has a cool outdoor area for hanging out and having BBQs, offers free breakfast (with pancakes), and has awesome staff. It’s also super clean, which is always a plus in any hostel. The beds aren’t amazing (there are no privacy curtains and the mattresses are thin), but the hostel is super affordable and the vibe here more than makes up for it. If you’re looking for that “classic” backpacker hostel experience, you’ll find it here.

In the Wind Hostel & Guesthouse at a glance:

  • $$
  • Awesome staff
  • Free breakfast
  • Quiet and calm atmosphere

Beds from $10 USD a night, rooms from $17 USD.

—> Book your stay at In the Wind Hostel & Guesthouse!

8. Hostel Pangea

The pool and outdoor common area at Hostel Pangea in San José, Costa Rica
This is a party hostel. It has an on-site bar with super cheap drinks plus a heated pool and a restaurant. There are also daily activities organized by the staff. The dorms are a little small, and the beds are basic metal bunks with no curtains but people come here for the pool and partying. You’ll find lots of common areas here too so there’s always a spot to chill out. In short, if you’re looking to meet lots of people and party, this is where you want to stay.

Hostel Pangea at a glance:

  • $$
  • Bar & pool on-site
  • Lots of chill outdoor common areas
  • Really cheap drinks

Beds from $10 USD a night, rooms from $30 USD.

—> Book your stay at Hostel Pangea!


With dorms under $10 USD per night and private rooms for under $20 USD, San José is a steal for budget travelers.

While it’s not the most exciting destination in Costa Rica, chances are you’ll be here for a few days before heading off to the country’s better-known sights. By staying at one of these awesome (and cheap) hostels, you’ll not only save money but you’ll get to meet other travelers, pick up insider tips and advice, and really make the most of your visit.

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Book Your Accommodation
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