Announcing My Nomadic Matt Summer Group Tours!

The famous Gaudi cathedral Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain framed by bright flowers
Posted: 4/11/22 | April 11th, 2022

Years ago, I used to lead group tours. I’d take a small group of readers like yourself on an itinerary completely planned by me to some of my favorite destinations in the world.

While they were fun, we had to phase them out due to time constraints. As the site grew, I just couldn’t find the time to get away for weeks and weeks each year.

The tours were well-loved. We’re always asked when we’re bringing them back!

Well, the answer is today!!

I’m excited to announce that we’re launching a new set of group tours!

On these tours, we’ll roam Europe together and I’ll show you all my favorite spots, introduce you to local experts who will illuminate each destination, learn tons of travel tips, do cool activities, and have tons of fun.

These tours represent my style of travel: we stay in hostels, we use local transportation, avoid the super touristy stuff, and try to get under the skin of a city. I’ll show you how I travel and I will take you to all my favorite sights, restaurants, bars, and off-the-beaten-track attractions at each destination. I’ve spent considerable time in each location and know places you won’t find in any guidebook. We’ll also meet up with some of my local friends along the way (where they will probably try to embarrass me but hey, that’s part of the fun!!).

I do small groups so we can have an intimate and friendly environment. So if you’re looking to travel with like-minded people, this tour is for you. People on my tours often become fast friends and remain in touch long after the trip ends. It’s true that these tours are more expensive than traveling solo, but you’ll get way more value out of these tours than you would if you tried to do all the included activities alone.

We’re also going to have a local guide with us at all times to help handle the logistics.

I’ll be doing three trips this summer:

  1. Central Europe
  2. Romania
  3. Western Europe

Just click one of the links to jump to the itinerary for more information on signing up.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: If you book your spot before April 30th, you’ll get $200 off with the code EARLYBIRD as well as one free night of accommodation before or after the tour.


Central Europe Tour

Histoic old buildings in a plaza in Europe, with locals enjoying the nice weather
Home to incredible food, fabulous wine, tons of ancient ruins, and picturesque landscapes, Central Europe holds incredible variety that you’ll get to experience as we cruise through the continent’s center to eat, drink, and indulge in each country’s cultural heritage. I will be joining you during the Prague portion of this itinerary!

Length: 13 days
Number of people: up to 15

Day 1: Prague
Day 2: Prague
Day 3: Prague
Day 4: Prague
Day 5: Vienna
Day 6: Vienna
Day 7: Vienna
Day 8: Bratislava
Day 9: Bratislava
Day 10: Budapest
Day 11: Budapest
Day 12: Budapest
Day 13: Budapest

Cost: $2,575 USD per person

Click a departure date below for more detailed information as well sign-up information:


Romania Tour

Tourists walking down a narrow old street in Brasoz, Romania
Romania is still relatively undiscovered compared to countries in Western and Central Europe and its charming historic cities and medieval architecture are inexpensive and rarely crowded. I had no idea what to expect when I first visited. I found a budget-friendly destination brimming with hearty food, amazing natural landscapes, and incredible people that blew me away.

Length: 13 days
Number of people: up to 15

Day 1: Bucharest
Day 2: Bucharest
Day 3: Sinaia / Brasov
Day 4: Brasov
Day 5: Brasov
Day 6: Sighisoara / Cluj-Napoca
Day 7: Cluj-Napoca
Day 8: Cluj-Napoca
Day 9: Hunedoara / Sibiu
Day 10: Sibiu
Day 11: Sibiu
Day 12: Bucharest
Day 13: Bucharest

Cost: $2,525 USD per person

Click a departure date below for more detailed information as well sign-up information:


Western Europe Tour

Locals walking around a small narrow street in Paris, France
One of the most fascinating regions of Europe, this tour hops through some of the major capitals of Western Europe to show that even the most popular places still have hidden gems and local areas to explore and fall in love with. This tour will be led by me (Nomadic Matt)!

Length: 14 days
Number of people: up to 15

Day 1: Paris
Day 2: Paris
Day 3: Paris
Day 4: Paris
Day 5: Brussels
Day 6: Brussels / Bruges / Brussels
Day 7: Amsterdam
Day 8: Amsterdam
Day 9: Amsterdam
Day 10: Berlin
Day 11: Berlin
Day 12: Berlin
Day 13: Berlin
Day 14: Berlin

Cost: $2,875 USD per person

Click a departure date below for more detailed information as well sign-up information:

A Quick Note on Ukraine: I know many of you are nervous about booking trips to Europe in light of the war in Ukraine. No one knows when or how that will end but, should something happen that requires us to cancel the tours, you’ll get a full refund. Please don’t let the conflict deter you from making summer travel plans as many of the places we’re going to rely on tourism and, after two years of COVID, are in desperate need of income, especially as they open their homes, hearts, and wallets to Ukrainian refugees.


The iconic tulips of Amsterdam along the historic canal in summer
What are your COVID policies?
To ensure we comply with all entry and exit requirements in a simple and easy manner, we require all participants on these tours to be fully vaccinated.

What about COVID testing?
Should COVID testing be required as a condition of entry or exit, we will help you find testing locations, though you are responsible for the cost of the COVID test and for booking your own tests.

Tell me about your guides.
Our expert tour leaders are fully licensed local guides. They’ll be responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the trip, handling all of the local logistics, and dealing with any unforeseen situations that may arise. Our tour leaders are always on hand, every day of the trip, to provide additional information, create spontaneous activities, join the group for non-included activities and meals, and ensure that the trip is as memorable, fun, and informative as possible.

Will I have any time to myself?
Of course! We hate tours that book every minute of your day. While we will be busy, there will also be plenty of time for you to explore on your own. Travel is about adventure and discovery, so we emphasize that on my tours. We want you to see stuff that interests you specifically.

What am I going to do during the listed “free time”?
Our guides will be on hand to give you suggestions, help you decide what to do, and be around. If you want to go off on your own, we get that. We want you to explore and break out of your comfort zone! Our guides are here to help and, after you join the tour, you’ll be sent a list of potential activities you can do on your own.

How many spots can I purchase at once?
Reservations on the tour are limited to a maximum of two per person to ensure that everyone who wants to gets a chance to go.

What kind of rooms are we staying in?
We will be staying in hostel dorm rooms: males in one room, females in another. If you are traveling as a couple or just want your own room, you can get a private room for an additional cost.

Is airfare provided?
No, you’ll be responsible for your own airfare to and from the tour.

Will I need travel insurance?
Yes, all guests will be required to have travel insurance for the duration of the trip. We’ll be asking for proof before departure. If you don’t have it, you won’t be able to continue on the tour.

Is there an age requirement?
You must be at least 18 years old.

Will I need to fill out any release forms?
Yes, you’ll be required to fill out and sign a liability waiver releasing Nomadic Matt, Inc. from any and all liability related to the tour.

What about visas?
If you require a visa to enter any of these destinations, you’ll need to get that in advance at your own expense. We do not offer any help in this area.

What if I change my mind? What is your refund policy?
We’ll cry, but We’ll understand. Plans change. The refund policy is as follows: Deposits 100% refundable for 60 days (or until 90 days before the tour starts, whichever comes first). Cancelations made between 90 – 60 days before the tour start date: 100% refund of the balance amount (the deposit is not included in the refund). Cancelations made between 59 – 31 days before the tour start date: 50% refund of the balance amount. Cancelations made from 30-1 days before the tour start date: 0% refund of the balance amount.

When is the balance due?
Payment is due in full 30 days after the date of deposit.

Is there a waiting list?
People sometimes rush to secure a spot but don’t always get the time off work and might need to cancel. Therefore, we have a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. If the tour you’re interested in is full, email me at and I will put you on the waiting list.

I still have questions. Can I contact you?
Of course! My email is

Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight
Find a cheap flight by using Skyscanner. It’s my favorite search engine because it searches websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation
You can book your hostel with Hostelworld. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use as they consistently return the cheapest rates for guesthouses and hotels.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance
Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

Ready to Book Your Trip?
Check out my resource page for the best companies to use when you travel. I list all the ones I use when I travel. They are the best in class and you can’t go wrong using them on your trip.

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