11 Travel Podcasts That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

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Posted: 7/12/2019 | July 12th, 2019

I love podcasts. As someone who travels often, they’re a great way to stay informed and entertained while you’re on the go. To help me highlight some of the best podcasts in the industry, I’ve invited Debbie from The Offbeat Life to share her favorites. She’s a podcaster herself and knows what it takes to run a great travel podcast!

Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years, especially in the travel niche. After all, who doesn’t love to travel?

Unique travel stories, helpful tips, information on creating a nomadic lifestyle, and inspiration on the go — there are podcasts for them all!

I started my own podcast, The Offbeat Life, to discuss the stories of the people I met during my travels who were able to become location independent and create their ideal lifestyle. I was in awe of their adventurous nature and wanted to inspire myself and others to follow in their footsteps, take more chances, and learn what it takes to create a balanced life.

As a podcaster and traveler, I often look to other podcasts for inspiration. To help you get inspired for your next trip or your foray into nomadic life, here are the 11 best travel podcasts of 2019!

1. The Thought Card

Hosted by Danielle Desir, this podcast focuses on world travel, paying off debt, and building wealth. Danielle gives her audience the confidence to make smart financial decisions that will allow them to accomplish both their travel and financial goals.

Where to Start: Give the episode with Denis O’Brien a listen. He is the founder of Chain of Wealth and shares his tips on how to create passive income.


Formerly known as the Budget-Minded Traveler, Traveling Jackie inspires others to get out and see the world through travel and adventure. She provides valuable, actionable information that will allow you to take the leap and explore.

Where to Start: Check out her interview with the Bensons, a family of five who were able to travel the world after they sold all their belongings. They explain the impact of travel on their lives and how it changed them upon returning home.

3. Andy Steves Travel Podcast

This podcast features wanderers from all over the world who highlight how travel has affected their perspectives, habits, and lives.

Where to Start: Listen to the episode, Cagefighting in Peru with Rollie Peterkin, who left a secure 9-to-5 job to become a mixed martial arts fighter! His inspiring story is full of wonderful anecdotes and practical tips that you will find both informative and entertaining.

4. Chronicles Abroad

Hosts Nubia Younge and Frantzce Lys highlight their experiences living abroad as well as those of others who took risks to live their dream to be location independent.

Where to Start: Don’t miss the episode with Yan and Lee, a couple who decided to pay off their debts and live abroad. They had graduated from college but found it difficult to find jobs in the United States, so they took matters into their own hands — they got jobs overseas!

5. Extra Pack of Peanuts

This is a great podcast for travelers who want to stay on a budget while on the road. Travis, who hosts the show, interviews nomads, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who give insight and firsthand tips on how to embark on your own affordable adventures.

Where to Start: Give the “7 Lessons Learned” episode with Travis and Heather a listen. They share what they have learned from living a location independent life for seven years.

6. On She Goes

This is a wonderful podcast that helps women of color become more confident travelers, giving them the tools they need to take the leap and see the world. The interviewees share fresh perspectives and shed light on their travel experiences and challenges.

Where to Start: Listen to the episode with Georgina Miranda, the founder of She Ventures and an adventure travel expert. Georgina discusses her experiences working in a male-dominated industry.

7. Women on the Road

This biweekly podcast dives into the life of solo female travelers who are living the #vanlife. Host Laura Hughes interviews these fearless women and creates a unique spin on their nomadic lifestyle.

Where to Start: A listener favorite is an interview with Abbi Hearne, an adventure wedding photographer. From practical tips to the challenges she has faced in building her dream business, Abbi’s story will inspire you to start making your own dreams a reality.

8. As Told by Nomads

Host Tayo Rockson features incredible stories from individuals who are nomads and entrepreneurs, with a focus on leaders in business, culture, travel, and global affairs.

Where to Start: Check out the episode with Zahra Rasool, who discusses authenticity, diversity, and collaborative journalism in storytelling.

9. Wild Ideas Worth Living

Host and journalist Shelby Stranger interviews impactful explorers, experts, and entrepreneurs who have taken their wild ideas and made them into a reality, people who have climbed the tallest mountains, written best-selling books, and stood up for what they believe in.

Where to Start: Start listening to this incredible podcast’s interview with Alex Honnold, the most recognized climber in the world and the first person to ever free-solo El Capitan.

10. The Globetrotter Lounge

This podcast is hosted by Jet Set Lisette, an award-winning travel expert and host. Lisette interviews amazing and inspiring women who have found creative ways to travel the world.

Where to Start: Be sure to check out the episode with Jess Sanchez, who shares her experiences traveling the world with her family. Jess and her husband decided to leave their 9-to-5 to embark on a life of travel with their two young children and have chronicled their life through their blog, YouTube channel, and podcast.

11. The Offbeat Life

Hosted by me, this podcast highlights the stories of digital nomads and location-independent entrepreneurs. It digs deep into the realities of starting a remote business and how to create a sustainable nomadic lifestyle.

Where to Start: To get started, jump into my episode with Joni Sweet. She is a remote writer and gives valuable insights on surviving as a freelancer. She also discusses how to build a portfolio that will land you writing gigs that can take you all over the world!


Now that you have the list of the best travel podcasts, go ahead: download them and satiate your wanderlust! You may even feel inspired to book a ticket and leap into the unknown!

Debbie Arcangeles is the host of The Offbeat Life, a podcast that highlights individuals who are location independent and nomadic entrepreneurs. Her podcast has been featured on Refinery 29 and Mic, among other sites. When Debbie is not writing or interviewing guests for her show, you can find her hiking and exploring new destinations.

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